I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing

like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed

My mother does this to me all the time.

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Strawberry and pomegranate milk shake prep. Yum!

Strawberry and pomegranate milk shake prep. Yum!


Barclays Premier League 2012/2013 Teams

They looked so cool, I had to GIF them.

Go Spurs!!!

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You ain’t never had a friend like me!

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Eric Matthews is my hero

I live an Eric Matthews Appreciation life.

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The moon.

The moon.



Simpsonized characters!

Look at the downton one!!!

That is awesome

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If Game of Thrones was made by Disney…

Series created by Fernando Mendonça


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Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses by Jen Lewis

Previously: Fallen Disney Princesses

Omg that’s really creepy.

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